Sandra A. Lopez Orozco
Mrs. Lopez Orozco has 10+ years experience working with individuals with disabilities in California, many of whom are students retraining into careers in order to reintegrate into the labor market and succeed in achieving living-wage employment. 
As a former Rehabilitation Counselor for the Blind Field District and former Team Manager for the Department of Rehabilitation in Greater LA District, Mrs. Lopez Orozco understands all aspects of what it means to advocate for students with disabilities in academic and employment settings. 
She is also using her knowledge and skills to empower students in the Los Angeles Unified School District as a Disability Support Services Advisor by guiding them on their rights and resources leading to classroom inclusivity via accommodation plans and community resources. 
In order to further advocate for students with disabilities, she provides consultations to institutions of learning so that they may better understand how to equip learners of all ages with equal access, respect and integrity.
For consultation inquiries:
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